VirtuCache for VMware

Deliver Flash performance to your existing VMware SAN without the cost

Just AUD$167 per month per Host

(ex GST).

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VirtuCache for VMware

Short demonstration of the how VirtuCache delivers amazing performance to your SAN

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VirtuStor for VMware

Deliver Scale-Out enterprise storage without the cost or complexity of traditional Lock-in Vendors

Low monthly subscription

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So you have aging VMware SANs and looking to get Flash arrays to speed up your slow applications or a full rip and replace. The normal thing to do these days, right?


The IT budgets are just not there (for new gear) and your board is asking Why are we upgrading when the hardware is only a few years old and working perfectly OK (except for some latency and performance issues)?

Plus you have users pushing you daily to get better performance and more storage space but you have exhausted all tweaks and tricks to get the older VMware infrastructure to deliver.

Stuck like this between a rock and hard place is not unusual for IT professionals. Trying to balance needs and compromise with users, CFO's, boards is what we have to do.

But what if there was a way to make everyone happy and it's a simple, low cost solution.?

There is and it's called VirtuCache and VirtuStor. Our solutions to speed up aging hardware, save licensing costs, build massive local storage without vendor lock-in and help future proof your systems so you don't need to do a data migration again.

See our Solutions pages or the videos above to explain how we can do it for you.

Next Steps...

A simple non-disruptive and non-intrusive install and you will see VMware performance almost instantly  improve without any changes to your storage or applications and at AUD$167/month /Host on an annual plan it is exceptionally cost effective.

Test VirtuCache using excess RAM to prove the performance improvements at zero cost.

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