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Turbocharge VMware


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Turbocharge VMware Performance

Superior VMware performance is only a download away. VirtuCache takes your existing SAN storage (Shared
Block Storage) and gives it the performance of Flash by moving active data - both writes and reads to a small
amount of flash on the Host. Simple. Effective. Affordable.

SAN performance is sluggish today

Why? An application in a guest VM requests some data. That request must travel through the compute, over the
network to the SAN appliance and controller, which then searches the spinning disks to find that data and then deliver it back through the contoller and over the network and eventually back to the VM.

Writes are even more resource intensive.

This is called latency and the enemy of performance.

The 80:20 Rule

In most organisations, 80% - 95% of data is inactive, cold, stale or may never be accessed again – yet it is often sitting on an expensive SAN.

The solution is surprisingly simple

If you move the 5% to 20% of active data to super-fast, high performance SSD/NVMe on the same backplane/bus as the compute and the VM application.

The data now is accessed from the super-fast SSD/NVMe on the backplane resulting in minimal latency and vastly superior performance for all your applications

This delivers superior, often exceptional performance at a fraction of the cost of a Flash Array or storage upgrade.

Next Steps...

To find out how VirtuCache and VirtuStor will reduce cost and complexity from your storage while improving performance using your existing SAN without any changes to your storage or applications. Download a fully working 30 day trial of VirtuCache today.

Contact us for information on how to get your copy of VirtuStor evaluation.