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Check our solutions for VMware Performance improvement as well as scalable block storage solutions for both VMware and non-VMware applications.

The industry is heading to further simplification of storage to only two tiers of storage, Performance and Capacity. The continuing explosion of data has to be handled somehow, but yet still allow companies to concentrate on the important stuff that businesses need.  Day to day or week to week business has to use active or hot data, but that data eventually ages and becomes cold and inactive. It is still important usually so has to be safeguarded for future possible events, BUT it should not be stored on your most expensive storage systems.

Our solutions aim to simplify and reduce storage costs by providing companies a way to manage this storage into 2 broad areas of data storage management.

  • A Performance Tier - utilise the fastest available storage with smart placement of active data with our VirtuCache product
  • A Capacity Tier- 80%+ of all your data is probably cold. Move it to low cost, highly available storage managed with our VirtuStor

Some of our software (VirtuCache) is available for quick download 30 day trial while others require more detailed information about your environment (VirtuStor).

If you would like to discuss your particular situation or upgrade plans, we have a local  technical team and host of Channel partners with a wide range of skills to answer your questions.

Also see our Resources section as well as Fast-Fact Videos, case studies that will explain in more detail how we structure your VMware data into these two tiers.