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VirtuStor: Scalable Storage Technology

A definition* of Scale-Out storage is A system that uses a scaling methodology to create a dynamic storage environment that will support balanced data growth on an as-needed basis. Scale-Out storage architecture uses a number of storage nodes -- consisting of multiple low-cost computer servers and storage components -- that are configured to create a storage pool and are configured to increase computing power to exceed a traditional storage array. Scale-Out storage can start as a low cost, high density, small form factor storage array in as small as a 2 RU unit.


Some examples of compact storage - all include 2 x resilient live instances of all data spread across three nodes:

  • 48 TB useable (96TB total) in 3U
  • 144 TB useable (288TB total) in 6U
  • 540 TB useable (1.08PB in total) in 12U

You are free to use any storage server of your choice, making it simple and affordable for you to deliver virtually unlimited expansion. If you need help in configuring or supply of a system then we have nationwide integrators ready to help.

VirtuStor provides iSCSI block storage for any Linux, Windows, Hyper-V or VMware application servers.

VirtuStor Use cases:

  1. Unstructured data
  2. Medical Imaging
  3. CAD/CAM
  4. Backup repository
  5. Hundreds of TB or PB scale data centres

Cloud providers for the most part do not rely on traditional Enterprise Storage Vendors – as you can see from the chart to the right (source: Wikibon). They typically have built their own Storage products to drive their costs down which continues to be where the market is heading. VirtuStor combined with VirtuCache deliver a compelling value proposition that reduces cost, delivers reliability and redundancy in a small form factor and delivers superior performance for VMware based applications that has cloud scalability.

Scalable Storage that is affordable

(Because the cost of replacing storage is expensive)

Especially when you consider 80% to 95% of all data is inactive, cold or stale and it probably will never be accessed again - and you need to keep it.

Storage vendors tell you every 4-5 years all that storage needs to be replaced, migrated and "refreshed".

VirtuStor delivers one of the most cost-effective solutions for what we call "data bloat" - that is all the data will probably never be accessed again.

  • It still needs to be available.
  • It still needs to be recoverable.
  • It still needs redundancy

What it doesn't need is cost or complexity.

VirtuStor enables you to leverage the latest in high capacity, enterprise grade spinning disks for virtually unlimited and affordable capacity. By using low cost quality servers and JBOD arrays, VirtuStor is ideal for that stale data piling up in your data centers that must still be available, but can tolerate slower access times than your hot data. PLUS, it won't cost you the earth to get it back from some well known Cloud providers.

Making your VMware SAN – SUPERFAST

VirtuCache and VirtuStor together form a unbeatable solution for fast affordable Scalable Storage for your VMware SAN.

SANs have a tendency not to be fast as they are usually full of high capacity, slow disks. If you simply front end your VMware SAN with VirtuCache - your active (hot and warm) data can be held in SSD/NVMe on the same bus/backplane as your compute and your VMware applications to deliver exceptional performance. VirtuStor can handle the capacity issues at the backend with simple JBOD arrays that won't cost the earth and both can be on simple annual subscription based agreements managed by your favourite Reseller.


The Future of SAN storage

Source: @ Wikkibon Server SAN Research

Affordable monthly subscription licensing

Use existing servers to create a Scale-Out Server SAN solution that scales as required using commodity, enterprise grade x86 equipment.


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